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Do You Know Interesting Facts About Google Glass?

Do You Know Interesting Facts About Google Glass?

Google announced about its wearable device, i.e. smart headset named as Google glass at their conference. Google glass is a headset, which looks like a spectacle you wear on your eyes. The smart headset is comprised of a little prism like display that is wrapped with the uppermost corner of the frame via which you can be active with the notifications of your mails, calls and other media. The purpose of introducing such a smart headset is to bring the technology much closer to you because instead of always sitting in front of computer systems or laptops, you can check your notifications right away and make decisions at that particular moment. Glass has been designed in such a way that it provides a secondary screen to your device and there is need to sync it with your phone to get all the notifications received in phone.

Facts About Google Glass

  •  No need to look down for the camera

It has one of the coolest features that you can also record a video or capture a picture using Google glass. You do not need to tap some button or touch the hardware, you just need to give it a voice command and the photo or video gets captured. That media, then can be stored onto a flash memory of 4GB of the device. You can even post or share your media via Google glass on social media.

  •  Voice command

The device is built up of several voice commands such as “take a photo”, “google”, “make a call to” and many more voice commands.

  •  Responding to mail is easy now

You can also read your messages, mails or important notifications on the Google glass only. Not only this, but you can even reply to those messages via voice commands.

  •  Surfing Net

Surfing can also be done easily from Google glass. You just need to speak up your questions and glass would fetch your answer from the internet and shows you the found results.

  •  Track your routines

Google now app is integrated with the Google glass which tracks your daily routines for e.g., when do you leave for college or work, what are the usual routes you take and what is the situation of traffic on that route. In a nutshell, it makes your life easy and cool. It might be ridiculous to put a heavier glass on your head to look upon the important notifications, but it is really helpful in the situations where you are not able to look into your mobile phone and you can just wear a pair of headset to get all the notifications.

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