Do You Know The Interesting Facts About Digital Camera?

When you are going on a trip, holiday or an excursion the first thing that you keep in your bag is your camera. The reason is that you want to capture the precious moments and what can be better than photography. Everybody wants to keep a record of their sweet memories so that they can be cherished for the rest of their lives. This is where the digital camera has emerged as the hot favorite electronic gadget that every individual wants to have. Few decades ago, the traditional cameras were used for taking photographs but at the same time these cameras were bulky and difficult to carry. Today, one of the greatest innovations that have transformed the world of photography is the introduction of Digital camera. It is also called as Digicam by the technical freaks and has brought drastic changes to the world of photography. Why would you carry an outdated camera that has known problems with the Electronic sensor, Shutter release, Lens elements and Aperture etc. Further, Digicam is compact in size and captures photographs & videos that are high on quality, sharp and have superb resolution. Most people think that Digicam is expensive or it’s a luxury item but when you look at the priceless moments that can be captured it’s definitely worth it.

Amazing Facts, Features And Benefits Of Using Digicam:

Digital camera stores pictures on the memory card; hence you can store a lot many pictures when you compare it with the traditional camera. Some individuals do think that the number of pictures that can be stored in the camera depends on the size of memory card. This is a totally a wrong theory. The other factor that affects the image storing capacity is the quality limit and brand of the camera. Suppose you have a 4-megapixel camera and an 8-megapixel camera with the same capacity of memory storage card. Here 8-megapixel camera will hold far fewer photos as images will be of higher quality. One of the advantages that are associated with Digicam is that you can transfer a picture to the laptop, store in the hard-disk and even edit it using photo editing software. In case you want to print large size images that are also possible by using a plotter. The size of the Digital camera is so compact that it will easily fit into your pocket. Another remarkable feature associated with Digicam is that you can e-mail pictures to your near and dear ones by just transferring images to your computer. Further, Digicams are equipped with zoom lenses which provide close-ups of the subject with sharpened resolution. Furthermore, you can take superb quality pictures even in dim light, can also take still photos of the moving objects and in spite of that have great resolution & quality. You might be thinking that digital camera price is on the higher side. Well, it totally depends on the features and camera model that you go for. Some of the camera models include Digital SLR cameras, Super Zoom cameras, Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens cameras and Underwater Digicam etc. All the above camera models have different features and purpose of usage. What you can do is first make a budget, choose the features you are looking for and then see the digital camera price list for comparison.

History Of Digital Camera:


The concept of developing digital cameras was given by Eugene F. Lally. In 1961, he actually wanted to use a mosaic photosensor to take pictures of planets, asteroids, meteoroids and stars which would be helpful for the astronauts in exploring the facts about the universe. But in 1972, Willis Adcock’s filmless camera soon hit the market, so the idea of Eugene F. Lally could never be made it. In the year 1975, Steven Sasson, who worked at Eastman Kodak build the first electronic camera which used charge-coupled device image sensor and proved to be a big step forward in the development of Digital camera. In the late 90’s this concept was evolved, worked on and the first Digicam was developed. Nowadays, these sophisticated cameras have been integrated with mobile phones, which every buyer keenly looks forward to its specifications before purchasing it.

Tips To Help You Buy Digital Camera:

Everybody wants to buy the best digital camera and surely look for matchless deals. In case, you are a little new to the world of cameras then it certainly can be very confusing as various types of Digicams are available in the market. The given below tips will surely help you pick the right Digicam as per your requirements.

1. Types Of Digicam

There are various types of Digicam that are available which include point-and-shoots, mega zooms, mirrorless, and DSLRs. Firstly, the point-and-shoots are the basic model and should have automatic features like Auto-exposure, Auto-focusing and Automatic white balancing. You don’t need any great knowledge to operate it, just click the button and take the picture. Now coming to mega zooms, these are known for giving better picture quality & closer zoom. Further, these cameras do have automatic functions but zoom remains the major feature and is used by photographers to cover major events. Next, comes, mirrorless cameras which are called the next generation cams. Above all these cameras use an image sensor to make an image on the electronic viewfinder and come with an interchangeable lens. Now moving to DSLR. It is definitely the best advanced compact camera that is currently available in the market. Furthermore, DSLR cams have manual features and are the top choice among the professional photographers. The picture taken from DSLR cameras are of superior quality but at the same time, a professional can only handle it.

2. Purpose:

Before you take any decision of buying a really fancy camera just ask yourself why you are purchasing it. Do you want to cover fashion shows, music concerts or professional photo shoots? These questions are really important and will certainly help you decide which camera to go for. If you think you will not be able to handle cameras with manual control then go with the ones with automatic operation. After making up your mind, do an exhaustive research on the camera that you have shortlisted and go for it.

3. Don’t Run After Megapixels And Zooms:

Every individual these days runs after cameras with maximum megapixel and zoom specifications. If you are really not covering an event or doing a photo shoot then trust me running after megapixels and zooms will be a waste of your hard earned money. These days every individual uploads image on social media. So, in any case, the pictures will be automatically downsized for viewing on the web. If that’s the only purpose, then running after megapixels and zooms will be of no use.

4. Lens Are The Key:

If you are planning to buy mirrorless or DSLR cameras, then Lens definitely holds the key here. Various types of lens are available depending on the specifications of the focal length and aperture. Actually, the preference of lens depends on your image flavor. The camera bodies don’t last long but the lenses last forever and ever. My suggestion is to get a satisfactory camera body and spend more on the lens.

5. Try It Before Buying:

The golden rule before buying any camera is to pick it up and try it. Visit a local store in the nearby market and just make your intentions clear that to the vendor that you are here to buy a camera. Request for demo and vendor will not decline. Actually, the Digicam manufacturing companies give out sample or demo cameras on the shops for people to try it. There is no point in buying a camera and later on regretting, why you made this decision. So, take a demo to finalize your decision.

6. The Research:

I know most of us are always looking for best digital camera 2017 and shortlist from various top-notch brands like Sony, Samsung, Kodak, Philips, Panasonic, Olympus, and Fujifilm etc. When tech savvy persons declare a Digicam as the best, then various factors are looked on like Lens Quality, Aperture, Focus, Shutter Speed, Autofocus, Megapixels, Zoom and Image Stabilization etc. Let’s say your purpose of buying a camera is to take trip photos, then why would you look for all the above parameters. Just a few attributes from the above in the camera will be good enough. Furthermore, do research on the internet on all brands and take the decision.

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