Do You Know Who Will Die In The Avengers Infinity War?

Do You Know Who Will Die In The Avengers Infinity War?

Everyone is waiting for the movie of the decade, the Avengers Infinity War. People just cannot wait for the spectacle to arrive at the nearest cinema hall so that they can feast on the movie till their eyes burn away. But what will the movie entail for us? And most importantly, how powerful will Thanos turn out to be? Well, going by the comic archives, Thanos is the main deal. And if that holds true, some of our beloved heroes are bound to bite the dust. We have closely examined a few of these characters who might face their end at the hands of the galactic supervillain. Have a look!

Who Do You Think Will Die In the Avengers Infinity War?

  1. Scarlet Witch

With only two movies in her bag, Scarlett Witch or Wanda Maximoff is the most expendable avenger infinity war in the gang right now. With her brother long gone and her minimal role in the previous Avenger movie, it is pretty easy for the producers to cut her off in the proceedings to the Avengers Infinity War series. For those who do not know her, Wanda, also known as Scarlet Witch, is basically a mutant, allegedly the daughter of the Marvel Universe character Magneto. Magneto, however, is owned by 20th Century Fox and cannot be named in the movie. In the original comics, Scarlet’s powers were immense and she was able to do things only imaginable to the normal human mind. She has the capability to eradicate the entire mutant species with a single whisper. But it seems that the Marvel cinematic Universe has kept her potential in retrains. It is but obvious that her role in the future movies is very minimal and thus, expendable.

2. Nick Fury

Ah! The evergreen black American character that just gives you the chills when he speaks. Nick Fury’s voice is exactly what you need when you lack the motivation to hit the gym. Despite his importance in the first Avengers movie, his imperativeness has been declining in the subsequent movies. Nick Fury is not only the so-called creator of the Avengers program but the ultimate bad-ass of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although his character has a significant impact on the whole squad in terms of leadership and guidance but in a cinematic point of view, he is the perfect sacrificial goat for Thanos’ arrival. To begin with, Fury has no powers at all. He cannot fly, he cannot wield an awesome blue-red shield, he cannot shoot arrows through the head, he cannot do ninjitsu, and he can definitely not build high-tech robot suits powered by a thermonuclear power source. Therefore, it would be a very good opportunity to bid adieu to the long time character.

3. Thor

I know, I know. You probably are bummed out about the fact that you did not see Thor in Civil War and now this. But it is quite true if you think about it. Thor has been on a hiatus for a while now. Even financially, his movies are the only movies in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe that have managed to rake in the least mullah. Both the Thor movies have been a hit and a miss with Marvel fans all over the world. (Not me, though, I loved them both). Thor is a character of power and possesses ballistic strength. He is one of the characters to be reckoned with. With him dead in the hands of Thanos, the Cinematic universe will successfully portray Thanos as the cult super villain he actually is. You see Thanos has until now, been restricted to the comic books but now as he is about to make his grand debut to the silver screen, it is imperative that the studio is able to portray him as the ultimate villain the Earth’s heroes will ever face. Thor fits the picture perfectly. With Thor dead, Thanos will have no problem making his presence felt.

4. Iron Man

Oh no! The agony is too much to handle. But this is bound to happen sooner than later. I know this is pretty big, but it is true. Iron Man is coming closer to his end in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His demise would shake the very bedrock of the entire MCU. As many of you may or may not remember, the idea of creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it today was laid after the super success of the first Iron Man movie. Robert Downey Jr. really rocked that one didn’t he? Therefore, his death would be a bigger blow to the entire Marvel Universe than the Incredible Hulk’s punch. But nonetheless, we should look at the facts over here. Tony is still suffering from his sudden phases of depression, he broke with his longtime girlfriend Pepper, he has nothing to do except go around and give speeches in colleges, he has already become the antagonist in the core Avengers team, and to be honest his story isn’t going anywhere in the near future. It is only obvious for the studio to at least end his character in a glorifying way. To look at it in a realistic way, Robert Downey Jr. has already stated that he will not do another Iron Man film if the script is not good enough. Despite this, he has already done Civil War and played a little part in Spider-Man: Homecoming. To add to this, Robert Downey Jr. has also added to the financial burden of the studio by demanding a share in the overall revenue for every MCU appearance he makes. Thus, it may seem pretty convenient to end the iron-masked hero’s legacy in the first Avengers Infinity War movie.

5. Vision

I think this one is the most obvious. We all know Vision is nothing but the personification of the infinity stone that is stuck on his god damn forehead. Vision is simply too powerful. He can vaporize his enemies by flashing beams from his infinity stone, he can pick up Thor’s hammer like it is child’s toy, he can rip through even the toughest of robots (as seen in Age of Ultron, huh!, rather a Weekend of Ultron), and even Scarlet Witch’s powers seem very ineffective on him. But it is quite obvious that he has to die in order for the Avengers Infinity War series to proceed. The teasers that are launched till now show Thanos with all the six infinity stones. You do not need to be Einstein to figure out that Vision is expended as one of these infinity stones currently powers him up. It will also prove to be a very strong statement as killing off the most powerful fighter in the squad will put Thanos on the pedestal.

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