Do You Know These 5 Websites Help You To Learn English?

Do You Know These 5 Websites Help You To Learn English?

It is frenzy out there. Everyone needs to learn the English language. Be it a student, a worker, a multinational employee or a homemaker, everyone seems to have caught this epidemic of English learning. But the problem is no one has the time to go to an actual institute and devote a hearty 4 to 5 hours to properly adopt the language and its know-hows. It is difficult in today’s time as everyone seems to be running somewhere or the other to get things done. People hardly have the time for themselves, let alone learning a completely new language. What people want is convenience. And convenience is what they will get in these top ten online language learning websites which will help them not only to learn how to speak but write and read with excellence as well. Have a look!

Top Websites That Will Help You To Learn English Online


learn english online

Speaky is an online language learning service website that provides you with the opportunity to practice any language in the world with its native speakers. The medium of practice is via video chatting and the best part is that it is absolutely free. Anyone can use it and that too from anywhere. How cool is that?

myenglish is an open forum for discussions and practice sessions with random people via Skype, Facebook, Google Plus and even WhatsApp. The website also has exclusive online chat rooms that allow you to talk to different English learning folks around the globe and get basic English learning.


Coeffee provides you a friendly platform in the form of a language learning community. Not only can you learn different languages on a single platform with people around the world, but it also provides with a wide spectrum of interactive games that help you brush up your vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. You also have the option of testing yourself on various aspects of the language you are learning and share the scores with your online friends on the platform. Another fun fact about the website is that if you look closely, you can see the ‘FRIENDS’ characters on the background!



HowDoYou.Do is a fantastic language learning website which provides the facility of language exchange through interacting with different people speaking different languages. All you need to do is just log in with your email address, your Google account or your Facebook account. Once you are logged in, you will notice a chat room with ten people in it. You have the option to video chat, voice chat or just text chat with the other participants in the virtual chat room. Not only it is extremely convenient to use but also a great way to interact with people from different places and learn different languages.

Easy Language Exchange


If you wish to seek convenience in your English language learning journey, this is the place for you. Easy Language Exchange provides you the most convenient language exchange platform and it is completely free. Not just English, but any language you want to learn is present here. You have the option to practice speaking, writing and reading with participants from all over the world. The services of this website are relatively new a compared to other websites but it has already gained a lot of popularity.

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